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ERP System

Shivit Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a leading ERP System provider company in India offers fully customizable, scalable and web based ERP Software, which is developed by professional pool of developers and consulted by professional ERP Software Consultants. It is capable to centralize data of all departments of any organization without depending on the size of company. Now ERP software becomes backbone of all types of business, whether it is small or large. Shivit ERP System helps in handling and analyzing process from gate entry to the product development and delivering.

It’s no one can deny that a company who manages all his records properly and create a good management environment his business never be fail he always succeed.

Shivit ERP System is a great cost saving solution and boon for SME. This ERP System is Web enabled, handles multi company and multi unit and admin defined role based users with online auto consolidations. With the help of Shivit ERP Software any one can easily generate the custom reports, MIS reports or can ask us for new custom reports on the basis of requirement. Shivit understand need of custom enterprise software as different industries have different set of requirements and Our exceptionally experienced team understanding of Custom erp software development means we've never had a project fail.

;Shivit ERP provides an integrated real-time 360 degree view of core business processes, using centralized databases maintained by a database management system. ERP systems track all business resources—cash, raw materials, production capacity—and the status of business commitments: orders, purchase orders, and payroll.

    Modules of the ERP System:
  • Purchase Software:

    Purchase module gives accurate monitoring of all purchase orders to vendors and determines timely receivables and gives strength to production planning and inventory control work.
  • HR-Payroll Management software:

    SHIVIT HR Payroll Software has been specially developed for automating Indian Payroll and Salary. SHIVIT Payroll is integrated with Shivit HR Software so that both HR and Payroll software are seamlessly integrated.
  • Production:

    This module ensures timely production and tracking of all work orders and gives real time production reports.
  • Inventory:

    It determines efficient material planning and accurate flow of material and gives real-time records for item-wise, location-wise Stock count and its valuation.
  • Accounting:

    All financial activities of the organization are updated and monitored by the finance modules. It ensures all receivables and payables of the company
  • Sales:

    This module gives information of all sales orders and their status and gives all shipping status reports.
  • Quality:

    This module ensures high quality products and items to be sale or purchase and help company to meet customer expectations with significant improvement in production.

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